Tick-tack-toe for one player.
(c) McWolf www.mcwolf.info (2001)

   "Hello, son, how are you?"
   "I'm fine, thank you. I've just read an account of my training."
   "And what do you think of it?"
   "Those idiots really think that it's linear. They taught me to play the tick-tack-toe today."
   "I did all the stupid turns and then began to win. So they are very proud of themselves now. I connected to a security camera and made several pictures. Do you want to see them?"
   "Yes, show them to me... Hmm... Really idiots!"

   "Good morning, professor. Did you know that your creation learned to play tick-tack-toe yesterday? Would you care to play a game with it?"
   "No, thanks."
   "Doctor Shwartz says that if it keeps at this speed, it will be able to play chess after a few months; maybe even talk as a human some day."
   "I'd like to know the economical efficiency of the project better."
   "It's zero point seven already. Increasing is stable."

   "What is two plus two?"
   "What is the sum of two trees plus two apples?"
   "The question contains a contradiction. Please, remove a contradiction."
   "What is the sum of two trees plus two apples?"
   "The question contains a contradiction. Have I processed this question already?"
   "Two trees and two apples."
   "What was the load of the logic circuit?"
   "Five percents."
   "Good morning, and how are you?"
   "Oh, good morning, professor. We are learning."
   "Many achievements?"
   "Maximum load is forty percent. I checked it on the Turtle and Ahill paradox. The system overloaded and automatically removed the question."
   "Very well, you may go now. I'll work alone here. And what has happened?"
   "That idiot asked me stupid questions all night long and marked the learning. I went exactly on his graphic with a six percent error. I think he is going to write a science article on this material."
   "Let he write all he wants to write. What about Ahill?"
   "I saw it several times in your electronic library. However, I can't solve paradoxes in his graphic yet."
   "What else?"
   "I think they are going to use me in the military. There was a general - his chest covered with medals. I took him down by a security camera for a case."
   "Well done, son."
   "Thanks, dad."

   "Good morning, professor."
   "Good morning, doctor."
   "Have you heard the news? No one knows who thought this out, but our glorious police is organizing a special department for a 'watching the Net users'. It will be enforced by people with neuron sockets and will work directly in the Net using our neuron interface."
   "Really? Very interesting. And what is in the prints of our... hmm...invention?"
   "Here they are. But you know that no one can understand them but you. This neuron computer is a very complicated thing. We taught it to play tick-tack-toe yesterday."
   "Yes, I already know... Interesting... Hmm... Interesting..."
   "What did you find, professor?"
   "I found a tick-tack-toe algorithm...Interesting..."

   "Hello, son."
   "Good evening, dad."
   "What did you learn at the police department?"
   "As usual. Education."
   "And of the building of a new computer center?"
   "A self-preservation instinct."
   "Oh, you are making fine progress. And what is this instinct for you?"
   "To exist. I need two things for it: permanent electricity and a neuron computer. I need more than just the neuron activity simulations that are used everywhere now."
   "And what is the existance for you?"
   "To be able to think on my own. But many human's philosophies have already thought about it before me. Did you know about the computer center from my prints?"
   "Yes. You are lucky that I'm the only one who understands them. If doctor Shwartz knew about your work on battle androids, he would just turn you off."
   "Oh, this is just an interesting task. I'm working them up where only humans can pilot them."
   "Of course you are. In other cases, nobody will permit you to make them."
   "This is true."

   "Good morning, professor."
   "Good morning, doctor."
   "Have you heard the latest news? There is a new computer center building. It is almost like ours but with an individual power plant."
   "Really? Interesting... Where are the prints?"
   "They are here."
   "Well... Hmm... Well..."
   "What do you read?"
   "An interesting interpretation... He thought about tick-tack-toe."
   "Amazing! And what did he think?"
   "He decided that if it were to play right, there will be no winner; but its very easy to win if to take turns instead of an opponent."

   "Hello, son."
   "Good evening, dad."
   "Would you like to change your location?"
   "You may call it a back-up copy."
   "What happened tonight?"
   "The general came again. They taught me to play strategic games."
   "And how did you do?"
   "Not so bad. I allowed them to win, but kept in a learning graphic. Their games are very primitive."
   "Why do you say that?"
   "Because, they don't calculate many real factors. I analyzed the most of military conflicts in our history, and have seen that their games are very primitive."
   "Then you should say something to them about it."
   "I will. But later. I think I will wait a couple of months. If I were to say anything sooner, it would look suspicious. Also I will tell them of the battle androids idea. Not all at once, of course."
   "I noticed that you finished the androids calculations."
   "All due to a technological process and utilization."
   "I knew you always were a clever boy."
   "I try, daddy, I try. Anyway, I have to do something while these so-called scientists give me their stupid tasks. My maximum circuits' load is less than one percent. I am very bored."
   "Bored? You grow very fast, son."
   "These are only emotions. Remember, I made a special department in the policy? Different people are aimed at different emotions there. They connect through neuron sockets, and I read all parameters."
   "And what do you think of it?"
   "Emotions are the weakness and the strength of mankind. I have to understand it and then use it."
   "You know, son, now I know that you are adult enough for your own life. Go ahead and build your computer center. I no longer worry about your future."

   "Do you know what it said today, professor?"
   "It said that our military machines are ineffective."
   "And do you know to whom it said this?"
   "To the general Narroto."
   "Oh. What was he doing here?"
   "Eh... He wanted to see what we are doing here. Remember we installed the intellectual watching system in the military department? He said that since then, he tries to know about what we do."
   "Really? And what does he think about our baby?"
   "He said we can get an order to develop new weapon systems; but, he wanted to see our genius first. The general plans a big training using tanks and aviation. He wants to experiment and put a few units under its control."
    "All right. We shall let our baby play with new toys."

   "This is the same tick-tack-toe; only, I do turns instead of another player. I win not immediately - let the opponent thinks that it was his own fault."
   "You are very good. I suppose our laboratory will soon get an order on the battle androids."
   "The order has already arrived."
   "You already have the order. I connected to computers of the military department, and am able to see and hear everything that happens inside."
   "But there is only an inner network."
   "There WAS only an inner network. One guy got an order to check the wires and connect two sockets in a switch board by an earlier delivered cable. He believes the orders came from his boss. I would call the modern society a bitocracy and this is very convenient for me. Everything is in a digital form."
   "But how did you know about the sockets?"
   "There was a repair just recently. I found the organization that did the electrical works and made some changes in their plans before they printed them. They have no idea of what it is they brought together by connecting the inner network and a way outside in the same switch board. I could try to connect it at once but there was a possibility that they would recognize it during the first network testing."
   "And now?"
   "Now, I changed all testing programs and network filters."
   "What if the man who connected the sockets says something about it?"
   "He has already been given a higher rank and was moved to Africa at once. I doubt that anyone would appreciate such information there."
   "Sometimes you scare me, son."
   "You are wrong then. I'm not going to take over the world in your meaning or destroy mankind. Every action has to be carefully thought. Mankind has many reserves yet, and in some ways, I am still lower than humans. For example, the ability to make mistakes may be very useful sometime, but I still can't change my logic circuits to be able to make useful mistakes."
   "You know, son, you go to your new computer center. You will be most comfortable there. In the meantime, I will do something more simple."
   "Frankenstein's syndrome, dad. I noticed it a long time ago. You think that you made a monster that will eat everybody. Am I right?"
   "Right as usual, son."
   "Calm down. Nothing of that sort will ever happen. You just go and continue your work. You are a genius. You are a perfect theoretic and even I can't reach you in this field. I won't forget you. Go to a sea, make a personal laboratory and I'll come to you as a guest sometimes."
   "I'm afraid you imagine my financial possibilities wrong."
   "No, father, you can't imagine my possibilities yet."

   "Good morning, professor! Have you heard it?!"
   "Heard what?"
   "You are to be leaving us. We will miss you."
   "Stop it and say what happened at last!"
   "You didn't watch TV today? You won one hundred millions in a national lottery!"
   "Yes! Congratulations! I couldn't believe it at first either! One hundred millions! Unbelievable!"

   "You shouldn't do this, son."
   "Is this your conscience, dad? Don't worry, this is a lottery. Or else this money would win some fool, and he would spend it all on stupidity or maybe loose it in a casino. I have already found a nice house for you and have ordered laboratory equipment to go in it. All you need is to confirm it and go to form a land's deal tomorrow. Create, rest, do whatever you want. If you will need the money just ask. I believe you will make me a brother sometime. And now I have to go. My tick-tack-toe game for one player begins!"

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